Pureology - Anti Drying Pre Treatment - Colourists' Solution

Anti Drying
Pre Treatment

Shield sensitive scalps during the haircolour process. This luxurious cream creates a barrier to help prevent dryness or irritation, while maintaining hydration and condition of the scalp.

Anti Drying Pre Treatment is the first step in Colourists' Solution, a revolutionary three-step backbar system that magnifies smoothness, radience and shine, and is an essential part of every haircolour service.


Willow Herb Extract

Rich Cream Formula Polysorbate 21

Silicone and Paraben Free


  • Helps calm and sooth the scalp
  • Creates and barrier to shield sensitive scalps from dryness and irritation during the haircolour process
  • Dermo-protective active helps reduce tingling, itching and burning sensations of the scalp
  • Infuse hair with healthy shine
  • Restores softness and manageability
  • pH 5.0

How to use

Create several parallel partings (approximately 1/2 inch apart) from front to back. Using a single application tube, apply a very fine amount of Anti Drying Pre Treatment directly to the scalp and gently press in with your thumb, making sure to minimize contact with hair. Do not rinse. Apply Fiber Integrity Spray then apply haircolour and process as usual.

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