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Take hair from thirsty to thriving

Quench your strands with our best-selling hair care system for dry hair. Whether it’s thick and Palm Desert-dry, or fine and in need of a small wave of moisture, our Hydrate line has a range of formulas to treat your hair type to exactly what it needs. All made with 100% Vegan, ZeroSulfate® ingredients and our patented Antifade Complex® to keep your color vibrant.


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What's Inside

Hydrate Shampoo

Rose Extract nourishes and softens strands while
Green Tea Extract supports the scalp. Plant-based
Multi-Weight Proteins add strength, shine and

Hydrate Sheer Shampoo

Wheat Protein strengthens, moisturizes, helps prevent
breakage and adds shine while Eucalyptus Leaf
Extract helps support a healthy scalp.

Hydrate Superfood Treatment

Coconut Oil nourishes strands with amino acids, while
antioxidant-rich Soybean Oil hydrates and Avocado
Oil repairs and while deeply moisturizing.

Hydrate Soft Softening Treatment

Sweet Almond Oil repairs breakage and instantly fills
gaps in the hair cuticle, while Shea Butter seals in
moisture to create ultimate softness.

How To Use

Take a moment to enjoy a spa in your shower. Apply a dime-sized amount of Hydrate Shampoo to wet hair at the scalp.
Emulsify the sulfate-free formula into a rich lather and work it down to the ends. Rinse. For extra cleansing, repeat.
Then wake up your scalp with tingly menthol and mint. Apply a dime-sized amount of conditioner after rinsing, focusing most on the
mid-lengths and ends where hair is driest. Gently massage through hair. Wait 1-2 minutes. Rinse. Now you have softer, shinier, hydrated hair.

Pro Tip

Consider your hair type when choosing a Hydrate formula. The original formula works great on all hair types, thicker curls and coils included. If your hair is fine and dry but too much product weighs it down, use Hydrate Sheer to make sure your strands don’t fall flat.

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