Our full Strength Cure range with Keravis and Astaxanthin includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Miracle Filler Treatment Spray, and Split End Salve.

What causes damaged hair?

Damaged hair is attributed to three main factors: chemical damage, heat damage, and mechanical damage. All types of damage can be prevented with a proper hair care routine and products.

Chemical Damage – The pH of happy hair lives between 4.5 and 5.5. Unfortunately, hair color and other chemical hair treatments raise the pH level and swell the hair strand. This causes the cuticle (outer layer of each hair strand) to raise, and the structure of the hair to change. Too much swelling can cause damage or breakage to the hair strand.

Heat Damage – High temperatures of heat styling tools can cause the cuticle layer of the hair strand to deteriorate. Once the cuticle layer has been compromised by excessive damage over time, the cortex of the hair strand will be compromised, causing breakage.

Mechanical Damage – Hair is pretty good at stretching. In fact when wet, healthy hair can stretch up to 50% of its original length and return to its natural shape without breaking. However, brushing/combing, styling, and wearing hair accessories can cause excessive stretching, which leads to damage. Similar to an elastic band that has been over stretched, mechanically damaged hair will lose its elasticity and will eventually break.

Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner

What are the best hair products for damaged hair?

Pureology’s Strength Cure range contains key ingredients that protect hair against all types of damage. Keravis, a strengthening protein, acts as a plant-base protein replacement for areas of the hair that have lost protein due to chemical, heat, or mechanical damage. Astaxanthin, a powerful nature-derived antioxidant, is often used in skincare and hair care to renew healthy-feeling skin and hair. Strength Cure Shampoo, Strength Cure Conditioner and Strength Cure Split End Salve includes exclusive Asta-Repair with Astaxanthin, plus Keravis, Ceramide and Arginine to help heal and repair damaged, micro-scarred hair.

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