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The Best Travel Size Hair Products For Your Summer Trips

Need help deciding on what hair styling products to pack for your summer travels? Follow this helpful cheat sheet of the best travel-size hair products for all of your summer trips.

Your summer getaway is planned, and your bags are (almost) packed. Before you hit the road, check out this convenient list of travel size hair products (and TSA-approved!) to ensure your style looks good, no matter the destination. Bon voyage!


1). Color Fanatic Instant Deep Conditioning Hair Mask: this protecting and repairing hair treatment both locks in moisture and detangles, and contains a UV filter and AntiFade complex to help keep your color extra vibrant during all those dips in the ocean or hours spent in the sun.

How to use: Use it instead of conditioner when you shower, or apply on damp hair and cover with a plastic shower cap overnight; the heat from your scalp will help the ingredients better penetrate and work more effectively. Rinse out in the morning for soft and smooth hair.

2). Beach Waves Sugar Spray: this natural beach waves spray will give you the same believably tousled hair texture you’d get after a swim in the ocean, but without that dry, crunchy feeling you can get from salt sprays. The sugar cane for hair creates natural, beachy waves without drying your hair out.

How to use: Mist it on damp hair and air dry for easy, tousled waves.


1). Style + Protect Refresh & Go Dry Shampoo: Let’s face it—even a shower may be tough to come by, so you most definitely do not want to forget a travel size dry shampoo. This oil-absorbing dry shampoo is perfect for both color-treated and natural hair.

How to use: spray on second-day hair and comb through for instant texture and freshness.

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