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how to prevent hair shedding

Prevent Seasonal Hair Shedding With These Easy Hair Care Fixes

Are you losing more hair than normal? No need to panic! Find out how you can care for your hair to prevent seasonal hair shedding.

Throughout the winter, you might feel like your hair is winding up on your clothes and pillowcases more than usual. There’s no need for panic since hair shedding is completely normal. Keep reading for easy updates to your hair care routine to prevent seasonal hair shedding.

What Causes Seasonal Hair Shedding?

Not surprisingly, weather can cause an increase in hair shedding during the fall and winter months. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, on average, you can shed between 50 to 100 hairs every day, but this number can increase as the temperatures drop.

The jury’s still out as to why it happens, but some studies show that there is a connection between peak hair growth during the summer and frequent shedding in the colder months. It’s believed that less shedding happens in the summer because hair protects the scalp from the sun.

Keep in mind that hair shedding is different than hair loss. You’ll know you’re dealing with hair shedding if it’s a temporary issue that lasts a few weeks. Once it stops, your hair should be able to get back to its normal level of fullness. If your hair continues to shed long after winter ends, you might have a chronic hair loss condition. In the case of hair loss, the hair follicles stop growing altogether, so if you are concerned this could be happening make an appointment with your doctor to find out more.

One of the best things you can do for your hair is to treat any underlying issues that may contribute to excess hair shedding.

How to Prevent Seasonal Hair Shedding If You Have Dry Hair:

Hair that becomes dry thanks to your thermostat’s heat setting may be prone to breakage, so it’s important to give it as much moisture as possible. You can get a handle on dry hair using Hydrate Superfood Treatment hair mask for dry, color-treated hair once a week. The moisturizing hair mask uses nutrients like coconut and avocado oils to give your hair the boost of moisture it craves.

How to Prevent Seasonal Hair Shedding If You Have Damaged Hair:

If you make frequent trips to the salon to get your hair colored, it may become damaged and also lead to breakage. As your hair breaks off, this can add to any seasonal hair shedding. You can help keep hair breakage at bay by using a healing hair care routine like Strength Cure Collection for damaged, color-treated hair. The sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner are made with keravis, ceramide and arginine (a.k.a proteins and amino acids), so it can help strengthen brittle hair that’s weak.

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