Refresh your hair styling routine with must-have styling products from hairsprays, to air dry creams, to texturizing sprays, to help you revive your look.

Why Now Is a Good Time to Refresh Your Hair Styling Products

Its always a good idea to refresh your hair styling products every so often but as the weather warms up, summer is definitely the ideal time to revive your hair styling routine.

“As the weather warms, it’s a great time to revisit what you’re using, take a load off, or start working with your natural texture,” says Pureology Artist Nanette Guild. Check out her tips for rejuvenating your routine below.

New Hair Styling Products for Natural or Color-treated Hair

Pro Tip #1: Lighten Up Your Hairspray

Instant fix - lighten up your hairspray. Swap your hairspray for a styling product that still offers flexible control but has a softer finish.

Pure Artist Pick: Guild recommends Soft Finish Hairspray, a flexible-hold hairspray that is made with orange peel for weightless shine and control, and can boost your volume and tame frizz, sans the crunch. This natural and vegan hairspray is also made with an Antifade Complex that blocks the sun’s UVA and UVB rays from dulling your color so you can spend less time in the salon, and more time outdoors.

Pureology Soft Finish Flexible Hold Hairspray for Color-treated Hair

How to Use: Hold the hairspray 10-12 inches away from your hair, and spray in short bursts down the hair shaft to maximize shine and avoid wasting any product, says Guild.

Pro Tip #2: Skip the Heat

We all may be guilty of blasting too much heat on our hair, especially during the winter, but summer is the perfect time the skip the hot tools and embrace your natural hair texture. Instead, try a lightweight, leave-in hair styling cream that’ll enhance your natural texture (translation: no frizz, more body) and leave you with a blow-dry finish without the heat.

Pure Artist Pick: Hydrate Air Dry Cream, a lightweight, moisturizing air dry cream made with natural ingredients such as jojoba, sage, and soy protein to strengthen and condition hair and shorten your drying time.

Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Air Dry Cream

How to Use: Apply a dime or nickle-sized amount of the air dry cream (depending on thickness) to damp hair after cleansing and conditioning, then get on with your day!

Pro Tip #3: Find Weightless Texture

If humidity is your hair’s enemy or your hair instantly falls flat when you step outside, the right texturizing hair spray will add texture and shine. The only downside? Some of the heavier formulas leave hair stiff, sticky, and matte.

Pure Artist Pick: Find moveable body and shine with a lightweight, texturizing spray like Wind-Tossed Texture Finishing Spray, which is made with sunflower seed extract to add a healthy shine without weight.

Pureology Wind-Tossed Texturizing Hair Spray for Color-treated Hair

How to Use: Use the texturizing spray to add some oomph and grip to your favorite spring hairstyles, like braids or voluminous ponytails.

Stay tuned for the launch of our new new styling collection featuring natural and vegan hair products this June!

New Hair Styling Products for Natural or Color-treated Hair

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