Packing for your next vacation? Don’t start packing until you check out this quick and easy checklist for everything you’ll need for an overnight trip.

Packing for your next vacation? Don’t start packing until you check out this quick and easy checklist for everything you’ll need for an overnight trip.

Your ticket is booked, your trip is planned and now, all you have left to do is pack your bag. Don’t freak out just yet. Packing for a weekend away is less stressful than you might think. The trick? Always edit yourself. Do you need four pairs of heels or those five lipsticks? By taking a step back and analyzing your needs for your trip, you can slim down your luggage and make your travels that much easier. Here are our top do’s and do not’s for how to pack for a weekend away.

DO: Use Small Luggage

One of the best ways to prevent over-packing is by cutting down on the size of the luggage itself. Instead of lugging around a heavy suitcase, opt for something smaller like a backpack or duffle bag. Not only are these lighter options easier to travel with, but they can also help you to prioritize what exactly is a travel essential and what is just another sweater.

DON’T: Forget To Tag Your Bag

Let’s face it, we’ve all owned black luggage at some point in our lives and there is nothing more disheartening than trying to guess which bag may be ours at baggage claim. To make your luggage stand out—and to avoid any unwanted bag swaps—add a colorful tag to all of your luggage.

DO: Bring A Straightening Iron

Not only are straightening irons perfect for creating effortless hairstyles, but they can also work as impromptu clothing irons in a pinch. Say goodbye to wrinkled tops and flippant collars. This handy hot tool has you covered.

DON’T: Bring A Blow Dryer

Whether you are staying at a lavish resort or in your best friend’s spare room, there is bound to be a blow dryer at your disposal during your vacation. Save yourself the space by leaving your blow dryer at home. If your home away from home just so happens to not have a blow dryer on hand (the horror), then simply throw an air dry cream in your bag for safe measure.

DON’T: Bring The Whole Bottle

There is no reason to pack your full bottles of shampoo, conditioner and styling products. Just think of how heavy your bag will be! Instead, condense everything down by opting for hairspray or the minis of your favorite stylers like hairspray or Hydrate Shine Max Serum.

DO: Pack Quality Haircare

While traveling can be completely cathartic, it can also wreak havoc on your hair. From the dry, recycled air in airplanes to the salty water of the ocean, there are plenty of ways that your trip can leave your strands looking lackluster. Opt for minis that give your hair the TLC it needs on vacation by bringing along a deep-conditioning masque for a quick pick-me-up (be sure to grab it in a mini size!). It’s one of the best ways to ensure that your hair remains healthy no matter where life takes you.

DO: Bring A Makeup Sponge

Ah, beauty sponges. These handy makeup tools are completely multi-functional and a must-have when traveling. Not only can these sponges perfectly apply all of your base makeup, but they also can erase makeup mistakes and deodorant marks from clothing—just double check that the sponge isn’t covered in makeup.

DON’T: Bring Beauty Products That Can’t Fit In Your Makeup Bag

As beauty junkies, it can be pretty hard to leave some of our favorite products at home. However, a good rule of thumb when selecting makeup for your vacation is to only bring along products that will fit in your makeup bag. This eliminates the chances of packing inconveniently huge palettes, unnecessary makeup tools, or all eight lipsticks that you might need on your weekend away.

DO: Bring A Scarf

It doesn’t matter what type of climate you’re jetting off too, always bring a scarf. Besides shielding your neck and shoulders from the cold or the sun, they also work perfectly as a neck pillow, towel or sarong.

DON’T: Forget A Bathing Suit

Even if you aren’t headed to a beach destination pack your swimsuit. You never know who is going to invite you into a hot tub!


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