Don’t let scalp buildup get you down. We have the fixes for what to avoid when it comes to getting rid of and preventing unwanted hair buildup on your scalp.

Don’t let scalp buildup get you down. We have the fixes for what to avoid when it comes to getting rid of and preventing unwanted hair buildup on your scalp.

Dealing with unwanted product buildup in your hair can mess with your daily hair care routine and feel uncomfortable. With problems ranging from itching and dryness to oily hair, scalp buildup can get in the way when it comes to maintaining healthy hair. Read on to see what you should avoid when trying to fight off scalp buildup.

1. Avid Hair Products with Silicones And Sulfates

A solid hair care routine starts in the shower, and comes down to what hair products you’re using. To get control back, start by reducing the amount of silicones and sulfates in your hair care regimen as they tend to weigh the hair down and can cause dryness.

Instead, try using an anti-frizz hair cleansing products like Smooth Perfection Shampoo and Conditioner for frizzy hair. The anti-frizz, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner contain camellia seed oil which can help control frizz and add moisture back into the hair rather than stripping it. The anti-frizz shampoo uses extra gentle ingredients known as surfactants that come from coconut, corn and sugar to clean the hair. Pureology’s shampoos contain mild surfactants (a.k.a. surface-acting-agents) that take the place of sulfates in your shampoo. Plus, all of Pureology’s shampoos are ZeroSulfate which means that they are color safe while still having the power to tackle dirt, oil and other hair buildup.


2. Add a Clarifying Shampoo to Your Hair Care Routine

If you currently have buildup you’re trying to get rid of, try cleansing with a detoxifying hair treatment. Once a week, switch up your usual hair cleansing regimen and wash hair using Purify Shampoo. The rosemary-infused, clarifying shampoo helps remove impurities in the hair without stripping away your hair color. Plus, if you’re a product junkie and love layering your styling products, it can also get rid of hair product residue that’s left behind. Apply the shampoo to hair while it’s wet, then leave it on for one to two minutes to gently detoxify and cleanse.


3. Properly Wash Your Hair

Often, the cause of buildup can come down to rinsing your hair the wrong way. Take the time to properly wet your hair as much as possible then apply shampoo to your roots and rinse it away. For heavy conditioners and masks, focus these products on the ends of your hair. Avoid applying conditioning products directly to the scalp because these can be too heavy and cause buildup later on.


4. Learn How to Apply Hair Products

When it comes to hair styling products, less is more. This means that hairsprays should be applied a few inches away from the head instead of directly to the roots. As for hair oils, these types of products should be applied mainly to the ends of the hair, always avoiding the roots. Try to emulsify (rub) your hair styling products in your hands for a few seconds before applying them to the hair. This helps break up the product so it’s easier to spread and helps you use less of it.


5. Moisturize and Hydrate Your Hair

As the temperatures drop during the winter months, your scalp’s natural reaction to cold weather is to dry out since there’s a lack of moisture in the air. Have you ever noticed that your lips tend to get chapped once it gets cold outside? A similar drying effect happens to your scalp and hair. One of the best things you can do to keep scalp buildup in check is to make sure that your hair is properly hydrated.

Adding moisturizing hair care products like the Hydrate Superfood Treatment mask for dry hair to your routine can help you avoid scalp buildup because it can make up for the lack of moisture in the air. This hair mask contains avocado and coconut oil that help moisturize dry hair, so it’s perfect for keeping your hair hydrated when you’re trying to avoid buildup. Just make sure you’re not applying too much product to your hair and focusing the hair mask mostly on the ends.


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