If you’re looking for an easy on the go look, Style in a Snap is it! Simply grab a few bobby pins and you’re on-the-go, ready to start your fabulous day!

Style in a Snap!

Style In a Snap! – How to, step 1 cleanse and prime hair


After cleansing and priming hair with Colour Fanatic, apply a small amount of Pure Volume Style + Care Infusion to damp hair and diffuse-dry to bring out waves.

Style In a Snap!– How to, step 2 section and pull back hair


Take a section of hair at your forehead and pull back to the crown of your head. Use your fingers (not a comb) so it looks more casual.

Style In a Snap!– How to, step 3 secure with bobby pins


Push the section slightly forward to bump it up, then secure with two bobby pins. Criss-cross the bobby pins into an ‘X’ shape so they stay secure.

Style In a Snap!– How to, step 4 finish and spray end look


Mist on Style + Protect Soft Finish Hairspray to keep any stray hairs in place.


Stylist Tip: If you have short or tough-to-manage bangs, blow-dry them in the direction you want them to lay before you start styling.
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