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Creating Cute Braided Hairstyles – Tips From A Pro

When you think of cute braided hairstyles, you may envision a boho-chic crown style, or your basic double braids you wear to the gym. But braided hair is so much more versatile than that! Not exclusive to any season, these chic hairstyles are super popular for weddings, special events and everyday wear. They can run the gamut from easy and basic for the beginner, to complex and intertwined by a professional stylist. And Pureology Artist and professional hairstylist Nanette Guild is an expert when it comes to the technique. Getting a great quality look starts far before you start braiding. Read about some of her best tips for a professional-looking finish – even if you’re a novice.

Who can create cute braided hairstyles?

Even if you’re not a professional, there are so many braid styles and different ways of braiding hair from beginner-friendly to expert. There’s the basic three-strand which most people know, then French braids, pull-through braids, topsy-tail braids as well as rope twist braids and even knotted braids. And anyone can wear these looks! I would say braids are amazing on all textures, from smooth to wavy, curly and coily. The difficulty will depend on the type of braid you are trying to achieve.

Getting Started

Sometimes second-day hair can be easier to style as it has a little bit more grit, pliability and staying power due to the natural buildup of your natural hair oils and leftover product that has been applied. But many clients prefer the feel of starting with a clean slate – it’s part of the in-salon experience. Start with your favorite shampoo and conditioner, like our best-selling Hydrate. If you’re prone to frizz, you can use Smooth Perfection to control it, and our Pure Volume line will clarify and add lift to fine, flat hair.


Before Braiding

For prepping fine hair, I like to use Beach Waves Sugar Spray because you can air-dry or blow-dry it in. It’s multi-purpose. It’s buildable, soft texture which gives you grip. The sugar cane also doesn’t dry hair out and doesn’t affect color.

Coarse or curly, higher texture, prep with Smooth Perfection Smoothing Lotion. You can put it on wet and while braiding, it helps give you control and also reduces frizz. Our Shine Bright Taming Serum is a cream to serum that also helps control frizz.

Also, I like to spray the Texture Finishing Spray into dry hair before starting to create airy texture – like clean second day hair, and it gives grip. It’s great for prepping for boho braids with more undone second day texture since my clients are getting their hair washed in the salon.


The Finishing Touches

I love to use the Shine Bright Taming Serum while actually braiding because it gives you control of your sections. It controls frizz and the finish will be more polished. Hot tip: put little on the back of your hand and add it to your fingers while working the braid. It can also help add grip when you cocktail it with the Mess It Up Texture Paste. For pulling braids out – use the Mess It Up Texture Paste with Refresh & Go Dry Shampoo to help make them more full. And then of course, the Soft Finish Hairspray for all-day hold.


What's trending

What Types Of Braided Hairstyles Are Trending Right Now?

Currently, I personally love doing long ponytails – either high or low – with tiny microbraids. It’s new and modern and creates a textural look. Then adding a scarf to that for a cool everyday look. People are still asking for crown braids and inverted fishtails – also half-up half-down, or soft, side swept fishtail braid which is great on all ages for a special occasion. As far as my clients, the half-up and crown braids are always popular for bridal and special occasion, and I don’t see that style leaving. It’s very classic and elegant and looks great in any season!

Check out Nanette’s Instagram for more braid style inspo!

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