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Hair Masks & Deep Conditioners

Treat Yourself to Hair Masks & Deep Conditioners

When your locks need some extra love, reach for one of these deeply nourishing formulas

Just like your skincare regimen, your hair care routine may need a little extra boost when locks are feeling lackluster. Changes in the weather, seasons, your diet and health can affect how your hair is feeling, and deep conditioning masks are a great way to get that extra nourishment your hair needs. Meet our best hair masks and treatments that get the job done.

Hair Masks & Deep Conditioners


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We always use a carefully selected balance of sustainable, naturally derived ingredients that provide Pure Performance and get your hair the Pure Results you want. Every luxurious, concentrated formula is ZerosSulfate® with no parabens or mineral oils, and provides great color protection from with our patented Antifade Complex®. Plus, they’re 100% vegan 100% of the time.
Clean color care for your hair.

What's Inside

Hydrate Superfood Treatment

Hydrate Superfood Deep Treatment Mask

Avocado and Soybean Oil deeply moisturize while Coconut Oil nourishes, using amino acids and electrolytes to deliver a smooth, shiny finish.

Hydrate Soft Softening Treatment

Hydrate Soft Softening Treatment

Emollient Sweet Almond Oil repairs breakage, smoothing and filling gaps in the hair cuticle while Shea Butter seals in moistures to deliver ultimate softness.

Hydrate Shampoo

Strength Cure Superfood Deep Treatment Mask

Goji Berries with a high concentration of amino acids and proteins add shine while antioxidant-rich Olive Fruit Oil promotes healthy shine and softness.

Hydrate Sheer Shampoo

Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking
Deep Conditioning Mask

Omega-3-rich Camelina Seed Oil nourishes strands while antioxidant-rich Olive Oil that's full of fatty acids helps promote healthy shine and softness.

How To Use

Sit back, relax and enjoy our luxurious aromatherapy scents.
Masks can be used as a weekly damaged or dry hair treatment, or used more often when hair needs a little extra help.
Just apply on damp hair after shampooing and let the concentrated formulas do their work.

Hair masks

Pro Tip

For an extra deep, nourishing treatment, you can apply your go-to mask from the middle to ends of hair (dry or damp) and secure in a braid or bun. Sleep on it or go about your day and rinse it out whenever is convenient.
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