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Nanoworks Gold Luxury Hair Care

High-performing formulas that transform, renew and repair dull, dry, lackluster hair

If you’ve been going to great lengths to grow your hair longer while maintaining its health, it’s important to keep in mind that the strands at the ends of your hair are more mature and thus been through more than your new growth – from sun exposure, physical wear and tear, chemical damage and environmental agressors. To revive this matured hair and bring it back to life, enter Nanoworks Gold shampoo and conditioner: luxurious, sulfate-free, concentrated formulas that renew, revive, transform and repair hair damage.

Color Fanatic Collection
Color Fanatic Leave-In Spray

Nanoworks Gold Shampoo

A luxurious, sulfate-free shampoo infused with Marula Oil that revives tired, damaged hair back to a golden state. It renews softness, helps manageability and adds strength and shine to dull, brittle or very dry hair while also protecting color-treated hair with a patented Antifade Complex®

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Color Fanatic Leave-In Spray

Nanoworks Gold Conditioner

One of the best hair repair products is a good conditioner, and this super creamy and concentrated one delivers. Loaded with beneficial ingredients to restore and strengthen dry, coarse, brittle or very dry hair, it’s your golden ticket to getting the healthy hair of your dreams.

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Marula Oil For Hair

A pure powerhouse for providing moisture, softness and shine

Derived from the marula tree, some of the great Marula Oil benefits is that it keeps hair soft, supple and moisturized while also strengthening, fighting frizz and enhancing shine. (If it sounds a bit like a miracle ingredient, that’s because it basically is! Liquid gold.) A major plus is that it’s lightweight and absorbs easily, so doesn’t weigh your hair down like some other oils can. Plus, it’s rich in protective antioxidants. Since the marula tree only grows in certain parts of Africa, this increases its price and value due to its scarcity which is why Nanoworks Gold is such a luxe, high-end formula. Coupled with Shea Butter that moisturizes even more intensely, and the extremely powerful plant-derived protein Keravis that strengthens hair, these Nanoworks Gold formulas will give your strands the ultimate glow up.


Nanoworks Gold Luxe Formulas

The best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair

Luxury beauty doesn’t just pertain to skincare, makeup and fragrance. Any luxe hair salon will carry the best hair care that not only performs, but also creates a full experience. Nanoworks Gold shampoo is sulfate-free, but the microemulsion technology means it lathers beautifully and penetrates further to deliver those amazing, beneficial ingredients to your hair’s core. Nanoworks Gold conditioner is super creamy and coats the hair for a mask-like feel, and both formulas are ultra-concentrated, so you can get up to 75 uses in each bottle. And don’t forget that aromatherapy scent of Dewey Pear, Ylang Ylang and Golden Amber that makes every hair wash day feel like a spa day.

How To Use

Be sure to use the buds on the tops of the caps to measure out the correct amount.
Emulsify the shampoo in your hands to activate the microemulsion technology that
creates a rich lather and allows the product to penetrate hair strands. Work from
roots to mid-lengths then allow the suds to wash down the remainder of your length.
Squeeze out excess water before applying your conditioner, concentrating on the
mid-lengths to ends. Comb through gently with a wide tooth comb, wait a few minutes,
then rinse thoroughly to avoid buildup and residue.

Nanoworks Collection

Pro Tip

Since it’s such a rich yet lightweight formula, you can use the Nanoworks shampoo and conditioner routinely day to day, or as a treat for when your hair needs some rejuvenation. With up to 75 uses in each 9 oz. bottle, using this duo once a week means it will easily last you more than a year.

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