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Giving back is one of Pureology’s core values and this year, we will offer three product promotions and donate $20,000 to Global Green USA in conjunction with each of them.  We also want our community to be involved!  The power of the crowd is real, small donations really do add up and your community can have a monumental impact on Global Green USA and our environment. 

Thanks to the donations and funds raised by Pureology and our community, Global Green USA continues to focus on greening our nation's schools, educating on water conservation, and improve the quality of life for people and their communities by fostering environmental awareness about the health and future of our planet.   

Make a One-Time Donation

There are two ways you can raise awareness and donate to Global Green USA with Pureology. In seven quick minutes you can: 

Visit Pureology's CrowdRise Page

Click "Donate"

Enter your donation amount

Share your donation with you social networks and invite them to donate as well

Start Your Own Fundraiser:

Time to get your salon or network involved! You can start your own Fundraiser to benefit GGUSA. Follow the steps below:

Visit Pureology's CrowdRise Page

Click "Fundraise for this Event"

Sign up for a CrowdRise Profile

Personalize your fundraiser page with new text, photos, and personal goal amount

Share your Project Page and encourage your social networks to donate to your team!

Donate to global green via pureology


  • Decrease shower time by at least one minute—this helps save up to 1,825 gallons of water a year!

  • Use a shower timer to remind yourself of how much time you’re spending in the shower

  • Only run the shower when rinsing

  • Wash only full loads of clothes or dishes.

  • Fix leaky taps or toilets immediately—a leaky tap can waste 15 liters of water per day!


    I pledge to save water in my salon so that I can help foster a sustainable future with Pureology and Green Cross International 260 gallons a day.

    I will not run the tap unless I’m rinsing

    I will use my best judgment when rinsing clients – not every client needs to be rinsed twice can reduce water use by 50%; water efficient toilets use 50 to 80% less water.

    I will fix leaky faucets and toilets immediately. A dripping tap can waste 15 liters of water a day.

    I will install low-flower showerheads and taps. This can save over 50% on water when washinghair, without reducing client comfort.

    I will limit towel use to one towel per cutting client and two per chemical client, and will run only full loads in washing machines to reduce the  water and energy needed for laundry.

    I will actively track my water use

    I will tell my clients what I am doing to conserve water and inspire them to make their own impact

    Pureology invites you to make a difference by becoming a PureGreen Member and receive a subscription to Global Green USA’s Quarterly E-Newsletter, Global Green USA pin, and personalized Global Green USA membership card. 


    Your donation will help support Global Green USA programs and initiatives on water conservation, climate change, and future sustainability programs for our environment.

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