Cleansing conditioners

A gentler way to cleanse from the #1 colour-care brand. Gentle, shampoo-free, cleansing conditions that hydrate and soften dry colour-treated hair.

5 Reasons You Need to Try Cleansing condition

1. It's the Gentler Way to Cleanse
Detergent shampoos can rough up hair's cuticle, leading to stressed-out strands that are vulnerable to frizz and damage. Cleansing Conditioners keep the cuticle intact, so strands stay smooth, manageable and stress-free!

2. Superhero In the Fight Against Fade
Supercharge your colour care regimen. A healthy cuticle helps prevent colour molecules from escaping, so colour stays where it belongs - not down the drain!

3. Creates that "Cool Girl" Look
Low-lather formula doesn't strip away natural oils, so hair won't end up too wispy, floaty or "squeaky clean". You'll have just the right amount of sheen and body (think day after a blowout!), with no buildup or residue.

4. You Don't Have to Give Up Your Favorite Shampoo
Avoid over-cleansing by giving your shampoo the day off! Swap your favorite Pureology shampoo for Cleansing Condition 1-2 times a week. Super easy, super colour protection.

5. Anyone Can Use It (Yes, Really!)
Gentle and lightweight enough for every hair type! If you have fine hair, use once a week. If you have very coarse hair, condition afterward for the ultimate dose of moisture.

Who's it for?

Colour-treated clients with:
  • Super-porous hair (double processed or chemically treated)
  • Dry, unmanageable hair that needs extra conditioning
  • Sensitive, dry, itch scalps
  • Clients who prefer a look that isn't too "squeaky clean"

CLEansing Condition productS

Hydrate Cleansing Condition

Hydrate Cleansing Condition

Deeply nourishes and softens dry colour-treated hair.
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Strength Cure Cleansing Condition

Strength Cure Cleansing Condition

Fortifies and restores micro-scarred, damaged colour-treated hair.
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Smooth Perfection Cleansing Condition

Smooth Perfection Cleansing Condition

Smoothes and controls frizz-prone colour-treated hair.
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