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Haircare Tips & Tricks

Travel Hair Care Tips & Travel Size Products So You Look Your Best at Every Destination

February 2020

Showing your strands some love when you’re on a vacation doesn't have to be stressful—or result in overweight baggage fees. Our travel hair care tips and products will ensure you're ready for any styling challenges you encounter.

Haircare Tips & Tricks

How To Use Dry Shampoo – The Only Tips You Need

May 2018

We all love our favorite oil-absorbing dry shampoo, but this cult hair product is not just for absorbing oil or freshening up second or third day hair. Check out six different tips on how to use this star hair styling product.

Haircare Tips & Tricks

Why You Need to Use Purple Shampoo (Even if You’re Not a Blonde)

September 2018

Blonde or brunette, you can all use a purple shampoo in your hair care routine. But don’t be put-off by the unexpected hue: It just may be the secret product to keep your hair color fresh and vibrant.

Haircare Tips & Tricks

7 Simple Hair Habits That Can Help Maintain Your Haircolor

June 2017

With a few easy tweaks to your typical haircare routine, you can help improve the health of your hair as well as maintain your gorgeous, vibrant hair color.