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Haircare Tips & Tricks

The Natural Ingredients You Need ASAP In Your Styling Products

May 2018

Wondering which natural and vegan hair ingredients are most beneficial for your hair? A clue: some are already in your kitchen cabinet. Check out the must-have natural ingredients you want in your styling products.

Haircare Tips & Tricks

6 Must-Have Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

February 2018

Find out how having the right short haircut for fine hair can instantly help your hair look fuller.

Haircare Tips & Tricks

Why Now Is A Good Time To Refresh Your Hair Styling Products

May 2020

Swap out your heavy stylers and check out these 3 pro tips for hair styling products for healthy hair that feels light-as-air

Haircare Tips & Tricks

5 Easy Ways to Protect and Style Your Hair While You Sleep

January 2018

With the right hair care routine on-hand, sleeping your way to better hair pretty much sounds like a dream come true. Keep reading for 5 easy tricks for better-looking hair while you sleep.