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Celebrating International Women's Day with Pureology's Pure Artists

Join us in celebrating the fearless women of Pureology and discover what strength means to them behind the chair, in their own words

In Honor Of International Women's Day, We Asked The Women Of Pureology What Strength Means To Them And A Person In Their Life That Defines The Meaning Of Strength.


"What strength means to me ... is realizing that you come first, your needs come first. Your wants come first above all else. And I think that makes you really strong. Somebody that I think is a woman that is strong ... is the 15-year-old version of myself ... she was able to fight some battles that she didn’t know she could survive and come out the other end and not recognize until later how strong she really was."

Instagram: @michelleleep


"To me strength means when you think you can’t go on anymore, pick yourself back up and keep moving. The strongest person I knew was my mom. No matter if times were good or bad or struggles, she was still happy and she made everyone’s life happy and was always laughing. So in those moments when it got tough, she was strong. And we never knew it was tough growing up."

Instagram: @jamiewileyhair


"What strength means to me is the ability to be able to accept who you are and know your flaws are yours and yours alone and what makes you who you are. And a woman that has really embodied strength in my world is gonna be my grandmother. She has raised 5 kids, ran a small business and she really taught me what it meant to be a role model to other young girls."

Instagram: @emily.alders

Want to see more about our Pure Artists? Check out their work and follow along on Pureology's Instagram: @pureology

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